Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Be the STAR of your own story

Star: definitions include a heavenly body, celebrated, prominent, distinguished, to shine, brilliant

No matter how you define star; it is glorious. God made you to be a star. Our tag line for this blog is: Be the star of your own story. Taking a look at the life of Esther (which means star), you will notice that she is indeed the star of her own story. We are told that she was quite the "heavenly body" if you know what I mean! She got the attention of the king and was chosen by him. But before she was chosen by him, she was chosen by The King! Set apart for a special work that only she could do! She was the star of her own story. She was courageous and obedient. That's all she needed to be for God to cast her as the star. YOU are courageous! YOU can choose to be obedient! You are a strong, capable woman with valuable ideas, talents, and gifts, all given to you by the one who created you to be a star!  We pray that this blog will be an encouragement to you. That it will be a place where you find others who are like you, share in your struggles and celebrate your victories. Together let's be the stars of our own story!