Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Leadership Expectations

Leadership Expectations 
Guest Blogger, Amy Lyrenmann

Have you ever noticed how much of your life is shaped by expectation? In certain instances it is your own expectation that determines your action or response. For instance you selected and then trained for your identified career based upon life style and contribution expectations.  So much of the time, however, it truly is the many expectations others have of you that influence your choices. How did you choose your current home, car, wardrobe…  Let’s face it ladies, as much as we believe ourselves to be independent; so much of what we choose is motivated by outside influences.

Our expectations and the expectations of others are not mutually exclusive. In fact, many of our professed personal expectations have been formed out of the expectations of those around us: family, mentors, friends and colleagues. Expectations are unavoidable in a life of productivity and responsibility. My question is this, “What does God expect?” After all, He is your creator, so shouldn’t His expectation outweigh those of yourself or any other person?

Remember the simple catch phrase of the early 2000’s, “What would Jesus do?” I am sure I still have a bracelet with the letters “WWJD”.  This is the question every Christian Leader must ask at every intersection, turn, or detour. I would argue, however, that the most critical time for leaders to ask the question is when the road is clear and straight. You know, those times when you are thinking, “I’ve got this. I know how to navigate this terrain.”

The best leader of all time gave us a road map for leadership:
  • Expect failure
  • Provide a clear vision for a desired future
  • Clarify the path to success
  •  Install a support system  

God knew we would sin and need a Savior. God provided us that Savior in His Son, Jesus. Jesus is most importantly our Redeemer, our connect point back to God, our Creator. Jesus, as our Savior is also the best example of leadership known to man. He is compassionate, committed and constant.  Jesus knew his life’s purpose and fulfilled that purpose to the extreme of a sacrificial death.

God not only saved us, He also provided the Holy Spirit to empower us and teach us how to navigate the changing terrain. He prompts our obedience and trust when the path is straight and well lit. The Holy Spirit is living inside of us and is able to encourage us when our expectations are out of whack or others expectations are just too much for one person.  

The Holy Spirit speaks to our spirit and also interprets God’s Word for us. The Word reveals the personal interactions with and the influences of our God in the history of mankind. We can know the leadership of Jesus and are able to know the leadership of the Holy Spirit in the lives of our spiritual forefathers because of The Word and the indwelling of our interceding Holy Spirit.

Finally, God created for us a family called The Church. The Church is a world-wide community that becomes family the moment we are adopted by Christ Himself as daughters. This family invites us to grow alongside and serve the various needs within the Church, while simultaneously emboldens us to meet needs of the dying world around us. In this family we live, and we expect. We expect to be challenged, we expect to be a vital part and most of all we expect our Savior to do what only He can do… heal, redeem and empower for His glory.

Expect God to lead you well. Expect the Holy Spirit to empower you. Expect the Holy Scripture to enlighten you, and expect the Church to enlist your gifts.

You have been called to live a life of purpose. Live Your Life.

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